Friend of Everest: Allan Simpson, General Manager at Camco

Change Management

New systems and strategies can be highly disruptive to your business, change is rarely straightforward.

Change can be a major organisation change with significant shifts in strategies, processes, practices or systems or it can be as simple as changing the staff carpark.

Organisational change often requries a personal change - a shift, sometimes a major shift in people's behaviours, aspirations and perhaps even their underlying values.

At Everest we recognise the requirement for change often exceeds your team's capacity to deliver it. As People Centered Implementation (PCI) practitioners, we can help you manage change, providing a structured process that engages your people at all levels, delivering effective results on time and within budget.

Friend of Everest: Allan Simpson, General Manager at Camco

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What is PCI?

PCI is a proven change methodology which is based on 20 years of research, it empowers you to achieve exceptional results by successfully implementing organisational change.

How can PCI help you?

  • PCI enables rapid change - increase the probability of delivering your change on time.

  • PCI can help cut costs - build skills and manage change without breaking the budget

  • PCI promotes excellence - develop quality into your change management process

  • PCI is easy to implement - integration with existing projects and programme management approaches

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